Trading Ancestors

There are many useful websites that can help ...

The County Sligo Heritage and Genealogy Society, Stephen Street, Sligo, has a website at and can also be contacted through

 The e-mail address for the Society is

Mayo North Family History Research Centre , Ennicoe, Castlehill, Ballina, can also provide a service and can be contacted by e-mail at or at their website

 In addition,Conor Machale is prepared to undertake research in O'Dowd (and related) family histories. Based in Dublin, he has access to a very wide range of resources, and his involvement with the O'Dubhda Clan goes back to the very early days.

His e-mail address is

 If you are contacting him, having a note of the full name of the person you are researching, their dates (if available) and the townland, barony and county in which they resided would be helpful.